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by midowalfe26 – 16 Jul 2020

I meet Paula in February she is an amazing and very nice person so cute so gorgeous can’t describe her enough

by Aznsnstn69 – 18 Jun 2020

Met with Paula and WOW! She’s definitely a gem that is needed here on the island. I will definitely repeat and see her again before she leaves. She’s definitely better in person, so sexy

by Buggy101 (2 other reviews) – 11 Jun 2020Paula is one of the most genuine, interesting, beautiful and fun people I have met in a very long time. So much so that we spent somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour just talking about all sorts of things – from the esoteric to the profound and thought-provoking. I was at ease with her immediately. As a couple of people have already stated you cannot get a sense of how beautiful Paula is from the profile photos. She is physically stunning and is just as blessed in looks as in personality. She is by far the best GFE I have ever had. The kissing is great and our chemistry was blazing! Every single thing we did felt natural and unhurried and I was able to lose myself in her physically and mentally. Paula really is the complete package and I consider myself fortunate to have been able to have such a deep, sensual sexual and personal experience with her. She is by far the best I’ve met and I wholeheartedly recommend her! Only after I get another chance to meet her of course.

by wazniki22 – 7 Jun 2020

Phenomenal!!!! Amazing personality and taste unbelievable. Her body and looks are amazing!! And her pussy my god unbelievably tight and gets so wet

by g_bulldog47 – 30 May 2020

She’s really cool and easy to talk to. Her body was amazing and the sex game was fire. She’s very easy to talk to also, so don’t be shy to her

by a anonymous – 29 May 2020

Shes legit damn shes fine and thick. I would have paid more. Ole boi is right, her pics dont do her no justice. 10x better in person.

★★★★★by David_92 – 7 Apr 2020

I saw Paula last night. I wanted to take a day to reflect on that night before posting a review. Even 24 hours later, I am amazed at the evening I had. Wonderful is an understatement.

Making arrangements to meet was easy. We exchanged messages and then had a video call.

When you see Paula on the video and then in real life, you realise that the photos come nowhere close to doing her justice. She is a beautiful woman, young, slim (but with curves), tall and with gorgeous legs. (She also has great eyes, but that may just be a matter of taste!)

Paula is genuinely British, meaning there were no language issues. She is intelligent and articulate and put me at ease very quickly. We had a warm and fun conversation and the sex was amazing. We spoke before about what I wanted to do, and she just got it immediately. I’d asked her to take the lead, and boy did she. We did exactly what I wanted in exactly the way I wanted to do it, but never did she make feel that she was going through the motions. It was more of a GFE than I have had with real GFs

I am truly glad we met. Thank you, Paula.